mardi 29 octobre 2013

My Current Favorite Perfume: Mango Temptation by Victoria's Secret

Hi guys!
Today, I've decided to tell you about my current favorite perfume, or should I say my current favorite "fragrance mist" :)
It is "Mango Temptation" by Victoria's Secret.
According to the label, it smells like mango nectar and hibiscus. The smell is very fruity and a bit sweet, it's exactly the kind of girly smell that I love! It's the perfect mist for summer. Also, I love the bright pink packaging!
However, the scent doesn't stay on for a very long time, but then again, it is often an issue with body mists.
Since I bought it very recently, I want to wear it everyday, but I'd like to keep it for the return of sunny days, so I think I am soon going to switch to a more "fall-ish" fragrance

I bought it at a what you would call in english a "yard-sale" I guess, so I was very surprised to find it here in France, because unfortunately VS in unavailable here :( But I was very happy!

What about you, which perfume are you currently wearing? :)


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