vendredi 25 octobre 2013

Vanille CollectOR by Yves Rocher

Hi everyone!

This is the first article in my new blog, and I decided to talk about a product that I've bought recently.

This is from a new line from Yves Rocher, which is a limited edition: Vanille CollectOR. I have 2 travel size products: a body lotion and a shower gel. Well, actually I only bought thelotion and I got the shower gel for free, so I was quite happy, because I almost have the full set now :)
These products smell like vanilla (I love vanilla!), and have glitter in them.

First of all, I love the smell! I find it a bit more "intense" than the smell of the permanent collection. It is quite a warm scent, it reminds me of a fall fragrance. Moreover, the tiny glitters look very nice on your skin! Those from the shower gel do not stick on the skin, but those from the lotion do, and for quite a long time. It looks very pretty, it's all sparkly under the light, but it's not too visible either. Perfect for the Holidays!

And of course, the lotion leaves your skin very soft and mosturized :)

So anyway, these two products are really great, very pleasant to use, and perfect for fall! Beside, the packaging is golden and very festive.

This line is available in stores, as well as on the Yves Rocher website.

What about you, did you get to try out this line? What do you think?
And what are your favorite fall fragrances? I want to know ^^

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